Essential Tips To Succeed With Audience Engagement

Trade show presentations are essential for generating buyer interest in your products, but unfortunately a busy convention center floor has plenty of distractions competing for your audience’s attention. Drawing an interested group into your next product demonstration is only the first step. The next is to keep them from getting bored or distracted during the presentation. People frequently have their attention pulled by both personal distractions (such as their smartphones) and general distractions (such as what’s going on at the next booth). Your job is to put together engaging and energizing presentation that will get the audience excited about your products and services.

Interesting Trade Shows To Check Out This June

Expand your professional network or simply explore an industry that is of interest to you by exhibiting or attending a trade show. For the most popular upcoming conventions in the month of June, check out our list below:

1. Waste Expo

  • June 1-4, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV

Social Media Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Social media is everywhere as society becomes more advanced, and now a large percentage of consumers use at least one social site to connect with businesses. They look for information to help them make purchasing decisions, to find the best pricing, to compare brands and to review comments from other people who have made past purchases from a particular company. Following and interacting with a company’s social media accounts can carry additional benefits for potential customers, such as special pricing for a limited time period or information about a new product before it’s released to the public. For your next trade show exhibit, the following suggestions can help you better leverage social media to generate more customer interest.

Customized Tents – A Useful Solution For Outdoor Events

Summer is almost here and this means more time spent outside. Events, trade shows, and even festivals and markets take place outdoors, and exhibitors need to think about sheltering their products, as well as their staff and attendees. Post-Up Stand’s canopy tents offer a practical and impressive way to add a promotional display to any outdoor event, while providing shelter from the sun.

Tips to Better Display Your Products at Your Booth

Product demonstrations at your display booth can make all the difference, in terms of how you approach it. A common mistake is to throw in too many samples at once, which can overwhelm your potential customers and lead to indecision as far as what they want to buy and when. The layout of your display booth is also crucial because it needs to be intuitive enough so your potential customers will want to stay and get all the information. But it also needs to have a logical set-up that won’t overwhelm anyone with too much information. The following tips can help you achieve that balance with your trade show display.