Teardrop vs Feather Banners – The Complete Guide

Flag banners are great means of advertising your business’s products or services at both indoor and outdoor venues. Your logo and marketing message can be screen-printed in vibrant colors on durable fabric that stands up to the elements. Flags work well for trade show booths, outdoor events and for advertising on the exterior of your place of business. They’re especially effective for outdoor advertising where your business gets a lot of foot traffic. You can also use flag banners on your sales floor or office lobby to promote special events or limited-time-only sales. The two most popular types of flag banners are teardrop and feather flags, and they get their names from their sizes and shapes. Depending on your venue, one of these flag banners may be the best choice.

How to Choose the Right Team for Your Trade Show Booth

The team you choose for your trade show booth is the driving force behind its success. Successfully managing a booth requires the right mix of communication skills, motivation, positive attitude and experience. The best candidates for working your trade show booth are those with the best track records of sales experience, public speaking and comfort levels talking to many different types of people throughout each day of the trade show. To get the top performance out of your booth team, clearly communicate what you expect from them and what specific goals you want the business to accomplish from this trade show. It’s also a good idea to involve your team in setting those goals and planning strategies for capturing customers’ interest.

Upcoming Trade Shows to Check Out in May 2015

Are you looking for an exciting trade show to attend or a popular expo at which your company can exhibit? For curious attendees and exhibitors, we have compiled some highly anticipated expos coming up in the month of May. Expand your professional network with the following events:

Lead Management – When and How to Contact Leads

You’ve had a successful, well-trafficked trade show booth with a large number of hot leads who show definite interest in your products or services. The next steps are the most important for your bottom line because you’ll need to take well-planned, timely steps to follow up with each of those leads. One of the most common mistakes among trade show exhibitors is to leave their follow-up strategy regarding gathered leads for after the trade show. Your follow-up plan needs to be part of your overall trade show approach that you planned out weeks before the show’s opening day. This type of plan needs to detail exactly when and how you’ll be contacting each of your leads, and the following tips will help you formulate this part of your strategy.

Large Banner Displays Will Boost Your Exhibit

There are a variety of large banner displays to choose from when preparing for a special event or professional marketing campaign. Post-Up Stand has indoor and outdoor free-standing displays that are sizable enough to demand attention at any venue. Great for creating a customized step-and-repeat pattern background in your trade show space or even a nice background setting to a photo shoot, a personalized large banner display can be exactly what you need for a cohesive professional or personal exhibit space.