Dye Sublimation vs. Screen Printing – Choosing The Right Method

Dye sublimation and screen printing are the two most often used processes for rendering high quality graphic designs on banners, flags, display booth backdrops and table covers. These custom designs are excellent ways to get your display booth to stand out at your next trade show. Both screen printing and dye sublimation printing have their advantages and disadvantages; opting for one over the other can depend on cost, the colors used, the type of fabric you choose and whether you’ll be using your finished designs on an outdoor or indoor display.

Banner Stands – Great Marketing Tool

Banners are very popular advertising options because they can be printed with a variety of designs and slogans. Both small businesses and large companies can use brightly colored banners to catch potential customers’ attention, and modern digital printing can render sophisticated banner designs at reasonable prices. An advertising banner is often made from durable material such as vinyl, and it will last for many years if kept clean and stored away from excessive humidity.

Trade Show Giveaways – A Great Marketing Tactic

Free promotional gifts are one of the main attractions that draw visitors to a trade show booth, particularly if these are items they’ll keep using on a daily basis. Giveaways (also known as schwag) are excellent means of getting your company logo in the hands of many people over the course of a trade show. Modern printing technology allows your business name to be embossed, engraved or otherwise printed on a wide variety of items, from thumb drives to pens to coffee mugs. The types of promotional items should ideally be tied directly to the goals you hope to achieve from exhibiting at a given trade show. Giveaways for your prospective customers can potentially incentivize them to make future purchases from you.

Check Out Our New Full Color Printed Flyers

Looking for a new, captivating way to bring in more clients? Check out our recent addition – printed flyers! The addition of printed flyers helps our company to provide our customer base with a wider variety of promotional products for more comprehensive marketing initiatives that reach beyond the scope of printed signage and banners to smaller offset printing efforts.

Want To Achieve Trade Show Success? Follow These Tips

Trade shows are great marketing opportunities regardless of your business niche, and they’ve also become more competitive as the number of exhibitors has become larger and more diverse. If you want to build your customer base and get the highest possible numbers of sales leads, you need to have a pre-trade-show promotion strategy as well as a plan for marketing during the show. Following up with interested new leads after the show is another vital step. Making good use of social media is an effective and almost no-cost way to get the word out to your customers and to build solid traffic to your trade show booth throughout the entire show.