Using Tips From Google’s Redesign for Your Business

Google has recently launched a new rebranding initiative, starting with the redesign of its logo and a few other additional interactive tools to make the audience’s experience even more convenient. Though your small business or corporation undoubtedly has fewer resources than the massive tech giant, you can take a few tips from their recent marketing strategy and apply them to your business.Color_design_istock

How to Create an Effective Marketing Message

Building an effective marketing message for your brand can be a difficult task, whether you are an unknown new business or a recognizable company that has been around for decades. A professional marketing message should successfully grab the attention of the target audience in an effort to focus consideration on the specific brand. Making sure that the promotional message stands apart enough to be noticed while still maintaining a professional tone can be a difficult tightrope on which to walk. Creating a specific strategy to ensure your business hits the mark with your advertising initiatives can mean the difference between a successful marketing initiative and one that simply falls to the wayside.

Retail Banner Stands 101

Retail_shop_istockUsing effective retail signage enables retailers from boutiques and high-end department stores alike to draw more customers into their store and make the shopping experience more enjoyable for the consumers. From advertising a limited-time store-wide sale to welcoming new clients into the facility, retail banner stands, especially retractable and telescopic displays, can gain attention for any promotional message.

Popular September 2015 Trade Shows

The fall trade show season is upon us and thousands of exhibitors and attendees will be flocking to local conventions. For the most exciting expos coming up in the month of September, peruse our list below:Window_istock

  1. GlassBuild America
  • September 16-18, 2015 in Atlanta, GA
  • Expo for glass, window and door industries

How to Select the Best Retractable Banner Stand

47x80_Pet_Clinic_banner_standFrom creating an eye-catching booth exhibit at a crowded trade show to featuring a special in-store promotional space at your boutique, retractable banner stands are the go-to signage option for many marketers and exhibitors. Pull up banners are sought after by experienced and new exhibitors alike because they are portable, lightweight and involve a fool-proof assembly process. The options for style and size are nearly endless when it comes to retractable displays. This begs the question, “How do you find the custom retractable banner stand that is best for you?” Be sure to take into consideration your display space, allotted budget and professional style when choosing the perfect custom banner stand for you and your brand.