Our Graphic Design Process

It probably goes without saying that the graphics on your trade show displays, banners and marketing displays have a huge impact on what they do for you and your business. No matter what kind of display or banner you buy, the ultimate determination of the success or failure of what you want those displays or banners accomplish comes down to the graphics printed on them.

As you may or may not know, we offer affordable graphic design services rates in addition to our trade show displays, banners and other custom printed marketing displays. Our graphic design team can help you with any design of our printed products. Here is a little bit about how our graphic design process and services work.

Best Artwork Files for Large Format Printing

Post-Up Stand is committed to make sure you’re getting the highest quality printed products every time you order. Submitting your graphics and artwork in the optimal form helps us ensure your custom printed banners and displays soar past your expectations.

Preferred file formats
When sending any artwork, make sure it is print ready and sent to full scale. Each product has its own print specifications based on “safe zones” for graphics and text within the margins of the material.

The minimum dots per inch (dpi) of an image or graphics should be 150 (the higher the dpi, the sharper the image) and in .jpg format. JPEG’s can be downloaded quickly as it compresses continuous tone images.

4 Reasons To Plan A Themed Trade Show Booth

There is not a shortage of details to go over when planning to exhibit at a trade show. From big details like travel plans and expenses, displays and graphics to which staffers to send and how many and what kind of giveaways and literature to bring, it’s a big and important list.

One trendy and creative way can make all that planning much simpler.

Themes have been a growing trend among trade show exhibitors the last few years and there are some good reasons why. Almost all trade shows, conferences or marketing events have a theme to them and it makes sense for marketers exhibiting at these events to have a theme as well.

5 Signs of Summer

Quality summer signage is a must when it comes to promoting your business biggest sales or events this season. Without it, you risk losing that important summer business to competitors. Luckily, there are many great summer signage options to fit every occasion and budget. Here are five favorites and great ways to use them.

1) Vinyl Banners: Whether you need to share your marketing message about a sale or event indoors or outdoors, vinyl banners are always a great option because of their affordability, their weather resistance and how easy they are to hang. Vinyl banners are the perfect option to promote church festivals, concerts, little league sponsors, July 4th fireworks and outdoor farmers markets. If you’re looking for a little more outdoor durability from a banner, mesh banners offer better wind resistance and the same custom printed look with vibrant colors.

6 Facts and Benefits of Vinyl Banners

With the summer season upon us, it’s no surprise that the affordability and versatility of vinyl banners make them a popular and effective outdoor display. Read these six facts and benefits of utilizing vinyl banners.

Fact: Vinyl banners are weather resistant.
 Both types of vinyl banners (solid and mesh) are outdoor friendly. Solid vinyl banners are made out of sturdy and durable 13oz. vinyl. Mesh vinyl banners are made from 9oz. vinyl and include perforations in the material that give it optimal wind resistance. Colors and graphics are also UV proof so they will stay perfect rain or shine.

Avoid These 5 Food/Beverage Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show food giveaways can be a hot (or cold) topic for some. Giving away food or drinks can be a popular way to attract crowds to your trade show table, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. There are some things you definitely want to avoid when it comes to setting out food or beverages at your trade show table. There are five types of items that you would be wise to avoid.

Pop-Up Store Signage Tips and Ideas

Pop-up stores are literally popping up everywhere in many different markets. Even bigger brands have tried and succeeded in this market because there are plenty of advantages to utilizing pop-up stores.

Benefits of Pop-Up Stores

Creates buying urgency: Pop-up stores tap into one of the things that has made Snapchat so popular – brevity. The temporary state of pop-up stores creates a sense of urgency with your products and the sale.

Influences direct buying decisions: The ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ storefront creates a certain buzz and triggers consumers impulse buying decisions. The kind of products and prices you are offering at a pop-up sale helps influence their buying decision and forces them to make decisions quicker.

Benefits of PopUp Displays

If you’re a trade show exhibitor that attends several shows and conferences a year, flexibility is key. Being a frequent exhibitor means a lot of travel, time setting up your display and paying to ship it or transport it with you. Saving time and money doesn’t hurt your bottom line when it comes to your investments in exhibiting at trade shows and your trade show displays. That’s why there are a number of reasons any exhibitor could benefit from utilizing popup trade show displays.

Small Tips for Big Holiday Sales Success

Each year there is more and more pressure for retailers to have holiday sales campaigns ready to go sometime before Halloween or right on November 1st.

If you were not geared up for the holiday shopping season by then you don’t have to worry as much as you think. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, just over 41% of shoppers don’t plan to start their holiday shopping until the first two weeks of December compared to only just under 22% starting in October and 15% in November.

6 Travel Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors

If you’ve traveled enough for trade shows or just in general, you’ve picked up some tips or best practices to help make your travel cheaper and easier. Or maybe you’re reading this because you’re a bit of a rookie and need some tips. Either way, here are some good tips for traveling trade show exhibitors that hopefully save you some money or at the least, a few headaches.

Have one person book: If you’re bigger than a staff of one, it’s probably best to let one person handle all the travel arrangements. If everyone is staying at the same hotel and flying together, it will be easier for one person to build the itinerary together at once.