Choosing Color For Your Booth

Color is a powerful tool when creating your trade show booth and marketing tools. Color can elicit certain preferences and feelings from the viewer that you can use to your advantage to create an effective advertising campaign for your company. Your color scheme plays a large part in your exhibit’s design and visual aesthetic and can serve to help or hurt your company’s professional branding and ability to garner attention at a high-traffic venue or event. To draw the right crowd to and reaction from your printed advertising display, read on to discover which colors denote power, wealth or trust.

Red: Red is a powerful color that instantly captures attention. A bright red hue is often used to grab viewers’ focus but since it is such a dominant color, overusing true reds in your printed signage and booth design can be a visual overload for consumers. Using red as an accent color is a great way to draw attention to key areas within your booth without being overly flashy or amateur.

Pink: Since it is often most closely associated with the female gender, utilizing pink can work to grab the attention of a younger female demographic. This feminine color can be a fun and youthful way to corner your desired female market, especially in terms of the younger generation like adolescents and teenagers.

Orange: A bright orange can denote an energetic and playful mood, as well being undeniably attention-grabbing. The bright and slightly off-beat color can be seen as fun and cool and often-times makes customers feel that the company associated with the color is modern and on the cutting-edge of the industry.

Yellow: A vibrant yellow hue undoubtedly demands to be seen at any high-traffic venue but when overused, the strong color can also be a deterrent for a crowd to visit you at a convention site. Because yellow is powerful, similar to red and orange colors, it can be overwhelming if used excessively in your banner or booth design. Yellow is best used as an accent color or when paired with a complementary “cooler” color like blue or purple.

Gold: Gold is often seen as an elegant and sophisticated color that is associated with money or wealth. To emphasize the wealth or pedigree of your specific business use a gold color, along with similarly meaning colors like purple and green, to dress up your printed displays and backdrops.

Green: This versatile color can be used in a variety of applications and often provides a warm and inviting feeling to viewers. Green can often provide a pleasing feeling and does not evoke a threatening or harsh tone. Shades of green can denote health and the environment, which is perfect for eco-friendly or “green” businesses. Green is also the color of money so it automatically stimulates thoughts of money and wealth, which can also result in ample marketing benefits.

Purple: Long known for the color of royalty, purple can elevate your professional brand to a prestigious and sophisticated height. Utilize purple with other colors associated with wealth, like gold and green, to emphasize your company’s connection to wealth and prosperity.

Blue: The color blue can be an opportune color for your marketing materials because the hue can elicit feelings of trustworthiness and being cool. You can also coordinate the color with a complementary color like orange to create a harmonious banner or booth design.

Brown: Brown is an understated color most closely connected to nature and the earth, which would be ideal to use for an eco-friendly or “green” company or business plan. Hues of brown tend to lead to relaxation and feelings of comfort for the viewer.

Black: A highly versatile color that can complement or add drama to any color scheme, black is widely used in marketing materials. The color can be modern or traditional, as well as relaxing or exciting, to suit your design mood. Use black as a contrasting color or in coordination with a brighter color to tone done the vibrant hue.

Use these professional color tips when planning your next booth design or fabric banner and you will easily create a highly effective marketing tool for any occasion!

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