Church and Worship Banners

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Post-Up Stand offers affordable banners and custom printed signage for any church or congregation looking for an effective and easy to way to share their message about any event no matter the season or if its indoors or outdoors. Drawing attention to church functions such as fundraisers, pancake breakfasts, special worships and events, festivals, mission trips and volunteer projects can be done easily with custom printed church banners while keeping costs down.

Double-Sided Telescopic Banner

Medium Poster Stand

Retractable Narrow Base
Banner Stand $165

Simple Sign Holder

Retractable Wide Base
Banner Stand $250

Custom Printed Vinyl Banners
$3 per Square Foot

Custom printed Vinyl, Mesh Vinyl and Fabric Banners are extremely easy to hang when you ask for free grommets to be placed on it. Hang these affordable banners indoors or outdoors to use as an affordable worship banner during any holiday season. Retractable banners are easy to setup, extremely portable and affordable and can used as a way to generate interest as a church fundraiser banner or a mission trip in hallways and lobby’s. Telescopic Banner Stands, Poster Stands and Sign Holders are perfect for church festival directional signs as these custom printed signs are extremely effective and don’t take up a lot of space or money. All of these displays also have affordable poster replacement options so you can continue to change and share messages like inspiring scriptures and news about the church without overspending. Vinyl, mesh and fabric banners also have the option of added grommets and sewing at no additional cost and make them easy to hang as church wall banners to promote whatever religious holiday or event from the rafters of the building inside or outside. Post-Up Stand has a custom church banner for every congregation and event from holiday worships, fundraisers, festivals and much more all at prices churches can afford!

 A place of worship or a religious organization grows within a community and offers programs and services to better serve the individuals in the surrounding area and beyond. How do you advertise your pancake breakfast, worship service or community fundraiser to the general public? How do you grow your church to include more faithful parishioners? How do you drum up interest about your organization while staying within your humble financial means?

Utilize affordable custom church banners for any of the following uses:

  • Welcome your congregation to weekly worship services
  • Announce a fundraiser for your organization or community
  • List worship service details including days and times
  • Depict religious scenes to decorate the inside of your church
  • Celebrate religious holidays like Lent, Christmas, Passover or Hanukkah
  • Announce new pastor/minister/priest that will be leading your congregation
  • Showcase a Scripture or Biblical passage that will inspire your parishioners
  • Celebrate your church’s anniversary for any 10, 25 or even 50 year milestone
  • Broadcast a rummage sale to benefit your community
  • Announce a clothes drive for your local Salvation Army

From vinyl, mesh and fabric church banners in sizes of 2’ x 2’ to 10’ x 8’, Retractable Banner Stands in many sizes and styles to Double Sided Banner displays, Telescopic Banner Displays and Sign Holders, Post-Up Stand has several affordable options when your church is in need of a church festival, worship or welcome banner! Post-Up Stand also offers several banner accessory options to replace up upgrade parts of your banner without paying high costs for new ones. Don’t forget about other useful directional signs for your church events by using useful sidewalk signs!

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