Custom Shaped H-Staked Yard Signs

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  • Custom printed, custom shaped Yard Signs
  • Single or double-sided prints on corrugated plastic
  • Comes with steel H-stake
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Purchase Includes: 1 - Custom sign with a steel H-stake


Custom Shaped H-Staked Yard Signs

Availability: In stock

Custom Shaped Yard Signs give you the ability to support or promote anything you want from your lawn and any yard whether it’s your business or the lawn of a customer you did work for, anyway you want. These signs are as durable and easy to use as traditional corrugated plastic yard signs but are custom printed and custom shaped based on your submitted design. The minimum size for Custom Shaped Yard Signs to be cut is 24”W x 18”H and a maximum size of 36”W x 24”H. Submit your graphics and choose a size between those two parameters with single or double-sided printed graphics for the corrugated plastic yard sign. Each order comes with a steel “H” shaped stake hardware to easily install in yards and lawns. Custom Shaped Yard Signs are printed using waterproof solvent inks so they can stand up to weather conditions without fading and full color graphics along with the unique shape of your design that is precision cut helps the sign stand out from any yard or lawn. Promote open houses with custom shaped real estate yard signs, support your local school and recreational sports teams, promote your business and work from a customer’s yard or celebrate someone’s birthday with a custom shaped birthday yard sign. These signs are easy to use, make an impact easily, are extremely affordable and have endless versatility!

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom shaped yard sign
  • Durable corrugated plastic sign material
  • Shapes custom cut based on the design of your graphics
  • 24”W x 18”H minimum size cut shape
  • 36” x 24” maximum size cut shape
  • Order to create unique shaped custom real estate yard signs, sports yard signs or Christmas yard signs
  • Steel H-Stake hardware included with order for easy installation in
  • Great way to advertise an open house, support a school or rec sports team or promote business
  • Custom printed using waterproof solvent inks
  • Single and double-sided graphics options available

Custom Shaped Real Estate Yard Signs

There are several options for realtors or home buyers and sellers to choose from when it comes to realty signage. Riders, wooden signs and aluminum signs are popular and effective as well. Custom Shaped Yard Signs for your real estate yardage gives you quicker versatility and that extra level of attention with a custom shape.

Corrugated plastic is a lower cost realty signage option over other materials but is very durable and the waterproof solvent inks will last longer on the sign that it will take to sell any property you are promoting with a Custom Shaped Yard Sign.

The steel H-stake that comes with these signs will hold the realty sign in place in any front yard.

Use custom shaped real estate yard signs to promote the sale of:

  • Commercial properties
  • Open houses
  • Apartment leases
  • Building leases
  • Homes

Custom Shaped Sports Yard Signs

Your local school and city sports teams can benefit from Custom Shaped Yard Signage in several ways.

Whether it’s a recreational team, junior high team or high school team, those teams can all benefit by selling parents and family members their own custom printed yard sign to celebrate and support their kids playing on these teams. Teams and schools can use these signs as a fundraising opportunity and a way to drum up interest in the neighborhood on the teams.

Thanks for the range of size options to choose from between 24”W x 18”H and 36”W x 24”H allow you to choose custom shapes for these yard signs in shapes for football, baseball, basketball, soccer and more.

As a bonus, if you are a sponsor of a local school or recreational sports team, putting your businesses name on these signs that will be displayed through the city are also good for exposure and be an easy part of your sponsorship campaign.

The corrugated plastic, custom shaped sign, steel H-stake hardware and waterproof solvent inks on the sign will last throughout the season.

Other Custom Shaped Yard Sign Benefits and Uses

What benefits of Custom Shaped Yard Signs make them so popular and a good investment?

Waterproof Solvent Inks:

Using yard signs means your graphics and materials are going to be exposed to weather conditions both favorable and unfavorable. This type of ink keeps the graphics printed on these yard signs looking great through rain and direct sunlight. They don’t fade in sun or wash away in the rain.

More Affordable:

Depending on your needs, you may opt for a larger sign structure and different materials. The corrugated plastic sign material of Custom Shaped Yard Signage keeps the cost down and are still durable enough to use outdoors. They’re great for quick, do-it-yourself type yard signage to promote several different messages whether its real estate, business, celebrations and more. They install fast and can be uninstalled and used again in a different yard quickly. The lower cost of materials and ability to install yourself on the fly allow you to buy in a larger quantity to better promote your business.

Landscaping Yard Signs:

Any type of company that does outdoor landscaping work on lawns, driveways and more should be promoting their work by example. Custom Shaped Yard Signs allow you to place signage promoting your business on a lawn or yard next to the work you did for your clients and customers quickly and efficiently.

Event Yard Signs:

Custom Shaped Yard Signs can help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers and other parties for family members and friends from your own yard or the lawn of a building rental for the event. In addition to celebrating those occasions with custom printed signage, it can also be used to help guests find the location as well.

Additional Information

Purchase Includes: 1 - Custom sign with a steel H-stake

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