How to Replace Your Banner Stand Poster

For an economical way to update an existing banner stand, purchase a banner replacement from Post-Up Stand! We offer replacement poster options for our retractable stands so you can refresh the graphics on your frame without being forced to buy a completely new display unit. Purchase a banner replacement for your Wide or Narrow Base Retractable Banner Display to breathe new life into a stale advertising display.

The banner replacement process is easy—all you need is a few tools! When you receive your banner replacement, you will also get a small aluminum pin to insert into the base of the stand to lock the old poster in the “out” position. Carefully cut the old banner from the leader in the base and insert the new poster with double-sided and industrial strength tape. Check out our video to view a step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the banner on your retractable stand. And remember, you can always send your stand back to our facility and we will replace your banner as a free of charge service to you!

Not sure how to get started? Watch our YouTube video on how to replace your banner stand poster. In just minutes you can completely transform the look of your banner stand to match your specific needs.

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