Bridal Banners for Cheap

Planning your big day can be overwhelming! From flowers and food to the guest list and party favors, you and your spouse definitely have your hands full. That’s why it’s a relief when you realize that Post-Up Stand can be your convenient one-stop shop for all of your printed signage, table covers and wall decorations! With a wide selection of table throws, desktop banners, vinyl banners and adhesive stickers, you can individualize each aspect or area of your wedding ceremony and reception venue with memorable items commemorating the big day!

Providing a welcoming atmosphere when your guests arrive at your reception venue will set the mood for the whole night. Include a vinyl banner with you and your spouse’s names, as well as a romantic image or favorite picture of you two, hung near the entranceway of your cocktail hour area or dinner space. Vinyl banners are seriously cheap event banners that come in a variety of sizes and can be hung with rope or hooks on a ceiling, wall or entranceway to accommodate your specific event space. Sewing and aluminum grommets are included with the purchase of a custom banner to make it easier for you to instantly display your celebratory message. These affordable banners are weatherproof so they can be great on the outside or inside of your hall or party place!

Table top displays are a great way to direct guests at your reception and organize your wedding venue. Include small retractable banners on the sign-in table directing guests to where their place cards are. Broadcast where gifts should go as well as where the restroom facilities are located if it is not immediately obvious. A great way to denote which table is the head table is with compact desktop banners with the couple’s initials or wedding date. Table banners are great because they are lightweight and compact, easy to set up and cost a fraction of the price of larger printed displays. Mini banners with a picture of the happy couple or image of the couple with the wedding guest would also be a great party favor for your family and friends!

Blank, ugly event tables can be a bear to cover and a costly expense with pricey rental table covers and throws. Liven up your dinner tables with affordable blank table throws or printed throws with you and your spouse’s monogrammed initials! Great for the head table consisting of the bride, groom and bridal party, including a full-color printed throw or table runner is a highly effective way to add a personal touch to an otherwise drab and generic piece of furniture. The table throws are also machine washable in cold water and can be tumble or air dried should anything happen to them before the big day or if you want to save and reuse them later.

To help decorate the walls of your reception hall without ruining the interior, utilize some printed vinyl adhesive decals to spruce up the place! Include your initials, the day and time of your special day in a sophisticated calligraphy font or feature your engagement photos near the entrance and exit of your wedding or reception. The removable wall decals can be easily taken down without leaving a residue on the walls of your rental facility but they will not peel or fade as you dance the night away on your special day! They can also be hung up at home or work to remind you of your wedding day and all the special memories you made.

Affordable wedding banners, decals and table covers are great keepsakes to remember such an important day in your life. These small touches can easily help personalize a generic reception hall and with Post-Up Stand, the affordable pricing can easily work into your budget, which is more than likely already stretched pretty thin! Contact us today!

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