Bridal Show Booth Ideas and Tips

Engagement season is almost here and that means a lot of new couples will be getting ready to plan weddings and upcoming bridal trade shows. Vendors have a lot to plan for regarding their booth space. Each sector of the wedding industry requires different setups, styles and presentation.

Here are some good bridal show booth ideas and tips for that every industry vendor can use to succeed at their next show.

Pick the Right Show

The most vital part of your success as a vendor at a bridal show is to make sure you are purchasing a booth at the right show. You want to see a return on your investment and each show has a different price point. Those price points can depend on the time of year the show is put on and its location. Make sure you are exhibiting at shows where you will meet clients from areas that you will be willing to travel to work with.

Ask for Last Year’s Show Stats/Bookings

Shows can give you general statistics about the show and what you’re going to get out of renting a bridal show booth, but you need to do your homework if you want to see a significant ROI from attending a show. This goes a long way towards picking the correct show to exhibit your business or services at. You can ask for the show’s stats from last year’s show from demographics and information on attendees to how many vendors wound up booking customers at the show. This gives you an idea if this is the right show for your business to have a booth at.

Booth Backdrops

Your booth backdrop display is a major separator at any trade show and especially at a bridal show. Presentation is key and a great custom printed Retractable Backdrop featuring your logo will help you stand out in a very crowded show with a lot of competitive vendors. Bridal shows are obviously busy and every bride, bridesmaid, groom and all couples probably don’t have time to visit every single vendor and booth at the show. A creative and noticeable custom printed backdrop will give your booth a chance to stand out and potentially pick up more visitors.

Furnish Your Booth

No matter what sector of the wedding industry you work in or what service you provide for the industry, if you’re exhibiting at a bridal show you want bridal parties and couples to spend as much time at your booth as much as possible. Having furniture in your booth is necessary for getting attendees of a bridal show to visit your booth and have extended conversations about your services. Having an area to sit down and comfortably conversate is planning task number one when building your bridal show booth.

Good Goody Bags

Bridal show swag bags are another huge way to stand out to planning couples. They matter at shows but also have an impact in how those couples remember your brand and services after the event.  Put good giveaway items in your swag bag that people are going to want and use after they’ve visited your booth. Branded items with your information on them give you a chance at a future meeting with the couple.

Here are a few bridal show giveaway items that are easy and practical and some that are easy to put your branding on:

-          Water bottles

-          Samples of wine or champagne

-          Pens

-          Notepads

-          Datebooks/Calendars

-          Kitchen items/utensils

-          Magnets

-          Book marks

-          Shirts

Another great way to draw attention to your booth at any bridal show is to come up with a giveaway option for your products or services. Set up a drawing with Raffle Drums with a giveaway or discount on a service or package you can offer to one or a few lucky engaged couples for their big day.

Swag bags and bridal show giveaways can have a great impact on your success at any show if they are well planned and executed.

Ditch the Front Table

For some trade shows or conferences, the traditional set up features a table at the front of the booth.

Determine what fits your needs for your booth according to your business, booth size, and budget, but this is a practice you shouldn’t be married to (pun intended) for your bridal show booth. It’s not a set up that is conducive for inviting guests into your booth.

Bridal shows are not as formal as other shows and you need to make a real connection with the people looking to start or finish their wedding plans in order to turn them into customers or clients. Smaller tables like Cocktail Tables with chairs and other furniture in your booth offers a more inviting place to talk shop and encourages them to spend more time in your booth that otherwise might be deterred by having a front table.

Don’t Plan to Book at the Show

People attending bridal shows often do not book services at the show. It may vary on the time of the year of the show, but especially right after engagement season, most are just starting to get ideas from bridal shows. If you’re just getting into renting a bridal show booth, don’t focus your plans around scheduling a lot of bookings.

Collecting contact information, promoting your contact information and having a good, quick follow-up plan for couples and people you meet who are planning is a great strategy to go in with. It’s important to get attendees to sign up or offer contact information if they enter any of your raffles and giveaways for your products or services.

Show the Trends with Your Booth

No matter what service you provide to the wedding industry, you’re likely always aware of the trends within your sector. Showcasing how your business and services are up to date with those trends with your bridal show booth is important. Be mindful that trends may change when any couple you meet begins to book services for their wedding but showcasing the top trends in your industry at your booth is important.

If you’re a planner or photographer, show some style by utilizing pieces from trendy, themed weddings with displays like Vintage decorations, signage, and centerpieces in your bridal show booth like you would use them in a wedding can show off trends, your style and what potential customers or clients can expect from your work and services.

Share Your Insights

The goal of having a booth at a bridal show is to connect with attendees and turn them into potential customers. As a vendor you may be seasoned on how these shows goes, but most people there are first time attendees and these shows are busy and crowded because vendors are vying for customers. Visitors to your booth may not ask for it, but if you are having a conversation about their wedding planning and asking them how the show or process is going for them may open an opportunity for you to offer some advice. If you have some good advice to give about the process based on your experience, even if it’s not directly related to your business or services, share it. It may help you make a connection and may help you earn a customer with your thoughtfulness.

Stay Organized

The worst thing you can do as an exhibitor at any trade show booth is to have clutter anywhere. Don’t miss out on connecting with attendees because your swag bags, samples and other information is disorganized. People plan weddings hoping everything goes just right and if your bridal show booth appears disorganized, they’re not going to count on you to have your part run smoothly when the big day comes.

Pack your swag bags ahead of time and have backup items stored in boxes under tables or somewhere hidden, yet accessible. Any printed information you want to pass along to attendees should be stored somewhere that’s not taking up space all over a table where you are hoping to entertain potential customers with samples and other conversation. Utilize Brochure Holders for any sells sheets and other print collateral rather than letting it wind up picked through and scattered all over a table in your booth.

Bridal Show Booth Ideas for Photographers

A photographer is one of the first things officially booked by people planning a wedding. As a result, photographers can easily make significant connections with attendees of a bridal show. Having a Custom Printed Backdrop, as noted earlier, can be especially important for you as a photographer. A great wedding backdrop can not only show off your brand while separating you from other competitors. It can even show off some of your previous work if you’re creative enough in designing the booth.

Other ideas and tips:

-          Obviously, you will have examples of your work on hand and as noted earlier, having a comfortable area to sit and look through those examples is important in your booth

-          Bring fun props if you normally provide your customers with them at their wedding and take pictures of them using them with your backdrop for some fun and help them imagine what you’ll provide to them as their wedding photographer

-          Have some of your best work blown up and printed on visible Tabletop Displays instead of relying on just enticing bridal show attendees to visit your booth to look through your books of work

-          As noted above, photographers are one of the first services booked by people planning a wedding, which is why photographers should especially be asking shows for statistics from the previous year, as also noted above

Other Bridal Show Booth Tips

-          If you have a table set up somewhere in your booth utilize Custom Printed Table Covers for a great finishing touch and professional look

-          Always offer show specific deals to see what works and encourage bookings

-          If you have multiple staffers at your bridal show booth, staff enough people to plan for breaks and plan them so that you always have enough coverage to speak to attendees

-          Bring a mobile payment solution so you can process payments if you book customers at the show or to sell products and accessories

-          Network with other vendors so you can make helpful recommendations and receive the favor in return

-          Promote your booth ahead of time through mailers and social media

-          Break the ice with show attendees with something better than “May I help you?” by asking engaging questions about the planning process such as “When is your wedding date?” or “What are your wedding colors?”

-          Avoid asking yes or no questions to attendees as they are walking by or to your booth

-          Sell them on how you will make their wedding better

-          Know your ideal client and don’t quality attendees who may not be interested in your services or if your services do not fit their price range

-          Utilize a custom flooring option to make your bridal show booth more inviting, complete and comfortable for attendees visiting it, your staff and yourself

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