How to Set Up a Retractable Banner Stand

Retractable banner stands are one of the most affordable and effective way to display your company’s information, a sale or promote your trade show booth. They come in a variety of sizes and styles but are easy enough to set up and display anywhere. Retractable banner stands are all a little different but the setup is fairly simple. Typically, most retractable banner stands are setup using a support pole or swinging base from the feet. Then, insert the support pole to the base and swing out the feet if applicable and slowly pull the banner up and connect it to the proper part of the support pole.

How to set up a retractable banner stand:

  • Remove the stand and support pole from bag or case: It helps to have all of the pieces and parts out in front of you. Gather all your materials to layout to make sure you have everything you need to properly assemble your banner stand.
  • Swing out stabilizing feet from below stand if applicable: Some retractable banner stands have stabilizing, swinging feet located below the base. Before connecting your support pole, you should always pull out these feet and set them to the correct position to give the base of your retractable banner stand the correct support before going further into the assembly process.
  • Connect support pole and place it in slot of stand: Before pulling the banner up from the base of the stand, whatever support pole your retractable banner comes with, place that into the base and set it up.
  • Slowly pull up banner from the base: With your base properly secured and the support pole set up, you can now pull up your banner slowly from the base. It’s important to never to pull the banner out of the base too fast to damage the track or the poster.

Connect banner to support pole: When you finish pulling the banner to the desired/assigned height, attach the poster to the support pull. Make sure the poster is secured to the pole and the poster is taught and does not appear loose.