Metal Printing - Vivid Prints for Any Space

Produce a stunning personal portrait or recreate your favorite classical painting with Post-Up Stand’s incomparable metal prints. The state-of-the-art printing process allows you to feature a vibrant print with photo-quality precision on a sturdy aluminum substrate. Unlike conventional printing processes like screen printing, metal printing will not smudge or run and is characterized by impressively sharp graphic output.

heat press printerPost-Up Stand’s aluminum prints utilize a high-quality dye sublimation process. The custom digital file is first produced as a reverse image on a transfer paper. A large format digital printer produces the imagery with a four color water-based ink set. The first step in the dye sublimation process is similar to Post-Up Stand’s fabric printing system, which is featured in indoor/outdoor teardrop banner flags, feather flags, as well as table top and floor pop up fabric displays.

The transfer print is then inserted into a heat press that reaches temperatures of up to 200⁰F. The aluminum substrate is placed in the heat press and the inks are sublimated onto the metal. The dyes become a part of the aluminum, instead of simply being placed on top, for an eye-catching print. Post-Up Stand’s metal printing system prints at a higher resolution and a slower print speed than the dye sublimation process on fabric to result in unmatched sharpness and brilliant color profiles.

The vivid dye sublimated prints incorporate a heat press and heavy-duty aluminum for brilliant colors and sharp graphics that will dress up any office or home wall. Available in sizes of 12” x 18”, 24” x 18” and 24” x 36”, you can include an eye-catching aluminum print on any interior or exterior surface. The high-quality metallic prints feature an attention to detail, making these prints the ideal avenue for reproducing your family’s Christmas photo or your favorite painting by Picasso. Metal photo prints are also great as a personalized wedding, birthday or anniversary gift at a price that easily fits into most any budget!

metal printouts

Mount your banner on a wall in your home or office by connecting hooks to the backside of the metal print or framing your display to showcase at any indoor or outdoor location. You can also simply stand up your custom metal photo prints on your mantel to turn heads when entertaining guests in your humble abode. However you choose to showcase your aluminum print, which is available with a matte or gloss laminate for a professional finish, you can be sure that your crisp graphics and vibrant imagery will grab the eyes of an audience.

As always, Post-Up Stand’s standard 48 hour turnaround time after proof approval applies to every custom order so you can receive your personalized metal print in a flash! To help create a one-of-a-kind design, let our talented in-house graphic designers help you create a unique piece of artwork that is just right for your special function or display space.

Contact Post-Up Stand today to learn more about how you can incorporate a vivid and versatile metal print into any personal or professional area.

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