What is a Step & Repeat Banner Pattern?

What is it and When to Use It?

“Step and Repeats” are portable graphic walls or banners covered with continuous logos of individual or multiple sponsors or organizations. They’re most frequently seen behind celebrities in photographs taken at red carpet events, but are becoming more common outside of Hollywood. Most people agree the name originates from two separate actions:

  • When talent “steps” onto the red carpet, poses for pictures, and leaves. The next person then steps up and “repeats” the process.
  • When graphic designers create a duplicate image pattern using software, such as Photoshop.

Step and repeats are also a great way to increase your brand’s awareness.

Reasons to Invest in Step and Repeat Backdrops

Step and repeats are a cost-effective way to get your logo and company name prominently displayed in the backgrounds of photographs that will be used in print, on television, across social media platforms, and on your and other organization’s websites. Besides the exposure you gain, step and repeat banners also add a “cool factor” to any event, including trade shows, seminars, screenings, conventions, and grand openings. Here are just some of the benefits of using step and repeats for your business.

  • Free Advertising. Step and repeat banners that bear your company’s branding are prime advertising real estate. People often use photos of themselves posed in front of one as their profile pictures on Twitter and Facebook, and love uploading them to their Instagram account. The photos get a lot of engagement, which is like on-going free advertising for your brand.
  • Promote Yourself. Take pictures of yourself with the executives, celebrities, or industry thought leaders who attend your events. Then use the images time and again to gain recognition for your brand.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd. Step and repeats are impressive backdrops to your booths at trade shows. They look professional, attract more people, and give you an edge over the competition.
  • Great ROI. Once you see how effective a step and repeat can be, you’ll come up with dozens of ways to use it. Take it along to charity events you sponsor, to job fairs, or anywhere where you want to liven things up and get people in a fun and festive mood. They also pay for themselves many times over – you only need to buy a new one if you rebrand your business.

What to Look For

To get the most mileage out of your step and repeat banner, consider these two key points before you invest.

  • Size & Logo: The standard height for step and repeats is eight feet. The width can be customized to your needs. Some people choose a modified 4’X8’ panel that fits in more spaces, but it requires that you take close up photos. This can be a good option if you intend to use the banner primarily at trade shows. Your logo should be small enough to fit in the frame while still being readable no matter how many people are in the shot.
  • Portability & Ease of Assembly: Most step and repeats roll up nicely for storage and transportation. Invest in a carrying case if you’ll be taking it on airplanes. The better quality the stand, the easier it will be to assemble. It’s well worth the investment, especially if there will be times the banner is being put up by one person.

Step and repeats are a simple solution that offer a huge opportunity for promoting your brand. Their many uses make them perfect for a variety of events, big or small. Use one to give your next event the professional branding that will get your company the exposure it deserves.