LED Lightbox Displays

Backlit display frames with built in LED lights illuminate the custom printed polyester gloss backlit poster of your LED Lightbox Snap Frame or Acrylic LED Lightbox Display in a way that makes anyone take notice as soon as they enter the room it’s displayed in. These display frames come with built in LED lights and plug right in and bring your custom printed signage to life. The gloss finish of the polyester backlit film allows the LED lights to bring out the vividly printed colors of the poster so that your artwork or advertisement shines brightly no matter where you hang it. The LED Lightbox Snap Frame features four easy to lift and close silver frame borders that enclose your poster and create a picturesque border. The protective acrylic cover of the LED Lightbox Display features LED lights behind the poster and around the clear border to give it a hard-to-miss look. Order these impressive LED lightbox displays today to get your wall hanging advertisements and artwork the attention you desire!

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  1. Your artwork and signage displays uniquely in the protective and sleek acrylic frame of the Acrylic LED Lightbox Display.
  2. Your custom artwork and marketing signage gets extra attention as the LED light highlights the colors of your custom printed backlit poster.

Backlit lightboxes with built in LED lights are the perfect framing option for your advertising signage and custom artwork. Your signage comes custom printed in full color on a polyester backlit film poster with a gloss finish that takes your ad or artwork to the next level wherever you choose to display it. The gloss finish of the polyester backlit poster allows the colors of the poster to appear bold and bright when your backlit display is turned on, making advertising signage and artwork more noticeable than ever. Backlit display frames are great for decorative images at home, an office, retail store and restaurants. Your artwork and signage is protected by the silver snapping frame border of the LED Lightbox Snap Frame or the clear Acrylic LED Lightbox Display. Both frames are available in three size options to it on any wall! We offer many unique and easy to use signage options like Poster Hangers and Custom Printed Magnets!

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