Basic Outdoor Display Exhibit

Being able to stash away the snow scraper in your car and bag of salt on your doorstep at last can only mean one thing—winter has finally released us from its grasp, leaving long-awaited spring to finally thaw us out! Warmer weather, sunshine and longer days means more outdoor events like company picnics, farmers markets, craft fairs and community festivals. Far from the safety of the indoors, how do you plan your marketing exhibit in an outdoor arena? With elements like wind, rain and harsh sunlight to deal with, a durable and basic go-to outdoor display package is necessary to leave your event space dry and visitors to your area happy! Though the option of so many different outdoor banner stands, poster displays and printed flags can leave your head spinning, editing your outdoor display package to leave only the essentials is important to the effectiveness of your exhibit and staying within your budget.

If available shade is few and far between at your outdoor venue, providing shelter from the harsh glare of the sun is the most important step to a successful outdoor exhibit. An event tent is a portable shelter that can be customized with your company logo or contact details. This promotional item can feature a full-color printed or solid-color stretch fabric canopy that is held up by an expandable tent frame. Though many pop up tents can feature heavy metal or plastic hardware, an aluminum frame allows for a lightweight pop up canopy that can be easily carried to and from your festival, trade show or picnic space. Tight on funds? Printed sidewalls are the economical way to add a custom marketing message to a basic portable canopy without the need to print the whole display tent. The versatile display can feature your printed graphics on the valance or cabana top and proves a great addition to classic summer events like craft fairs, garage sales and family reunions!

Now that you have your promotional tent covered, what are you going to showcase underneath the shelter? Most outdoor events, like craft fairs, flea markets and rummage sales, have something tangible to showcase or sell. Transform your exhibit table showcasing your featured wares into a customized marketing tool with a printed table cover or runner. Include your logo and company name on the front and top of the table throw to reinforce brand recognition and help hide an ugly or boring table underneath. A dye sublimated fabric throw in a polyester material can easily drape over your presentation table to provide a blank canvas beneath your baked goods, jewelry, bejeweled shoes or event sign-up sheet!

Finally, to really grab attention from a distance you need a display that has height on its side. Feather flags and teardrop banners are great ways to capture the eyes of passersby and entice them to stop at your outdoor booth or event space. The printed fabric flag can declare your event or company name with bright colors and splashy visuals. Swooper flags feature a unique curved design which adds an attractive look to any exhibit area and can be often either single or double-sided to accommodate your specific venue. It is also important to take into consideration what kind of surface you will be placing your flag on. If your booth is positioned on a concrete or paved surface, a flat footed base with a water bag to add additional weight to the stand is your best bet. If you have grass or a mulched spot nearby in your presentation space, a stake that can be driven into the ground is ideal.

There you have it! All you need for a basic outdoor marketing event area is a canopy tent, table cover and a few fabric flags! To take full advantage of the warmer spring and summer months in all their glorious splendor, move your advertising or promotional campaigns to the Great Outdoors or enjoy what outside functions only occur in the fresh air!

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