Outdoor Signage for Summer Events

Advertising outdoors can bring more obstacles than when marketing at an indoor trade show, fundraiser or within your place of business. Not only do you have the added pressure of capturing the attention of a wider public audience, you have to take into account the effects that wind, rain or direct sunlight can have on your advertising displays. A bold outdoor banner made to endure outside weather conditions is key to a successful marketing campaign for your farmers’ market, graduation party or community’s concert in the park! With Post-Up Stand’s durable outdoor banners, displays and flags, you can effortlessly include printed signage in any outdoor summer function to draw a crowd to your event or simply provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests! With so many outdoor banner options available, we have narrowed the search down for your summer event displays to printed flags and banners, sidewalk signs and advertising tents!

Free-standing or hanging full-color flags and banners can seamlessly direct guests at your outdoor wedding or welcome visitors to your local amusement park. Printed flags like Teardrop Displays and Feather Banners can feature your custom printed message on a fabric banner with pole pockets, which is showcased on a flexible support bar. The stand often includes a stake, base and/or water bag to accommodate your event venue. Stand-alone flags can reach heights of 180” to grab attention at any outdoor gathering from miles away! Post-Up Stand’s sizable Giant Outdoor Flag features two full-color prints and an adjustable stand that can reach up to 208” tall! For a more economical and versatile outdoor banner, vinyl banners or fabric flags with grommets can be hung on nearly any structure and are often an economical display choice.

Sidewalk signs and banner stands are compact enough to fit even the tightest display spaces and can easily direct traffic at your festival or draw guests into your craft fair presentation. A-frame stands can be set up quickly and feature a sturdy plastic or aluminum stand with double-sided graphic visibility for outdoor events with a lot of foot traffic. An outdoor pull up display durable enough for moderate winds is ideal for the first-time marketer or for a personal gathering like a cook-out or family reunion. Check out Post-Up Stand’s impressive Outdoor Pro Double-Sided Retractable Banner Stand, which features two printed banners and a heavy-duty aluminum stand with stabilizing feet that easily attach to lock your display in place.

To provide shelter at any outdoor craft fair or corporate golf outing, check out Post-Up Stand's Canopy Tent . Great for a variety of summer events from beach-front volleyball tournaments to garage sales, the lightweight aluminum event tent can feature a solid-color or full-color printed stretch fabric canopy top.

The tent frame features push pin locks on the support legs to accommodate adjusting the height of the tent and heavy-duty Velcro strips to attach the canopy top. To deal with unpredictable Mother Nature at your next outdoor celebration or gathering, purchase an expandable outdoor canopy tent!

Outdoor signage for warm-weather events can be incorporated into all of the following occasions:

  • Family reunions
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Company picnics
  • Outdoor art and craft fairs
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Corporate golf outings
  • County fairs
  • Beach front events
  • Amusement parks
  • Cook-outs
  • Camping
  • Concerts in the park

For durable outdoor displays for all of your professional or personal summer functions, look no further than Post-Up Stand. Contact us today!

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