Banner Stand Lights

Highlight your important marketing message with a light fixture for your custom display from your go-to promotional signage supplier—Post-Up Stand! From pull up displays to large pop up exhibits, we have a wide selection of lighting options that are sure to suit your custom advertising display. The cost-effective, lightweight and easy-to-work-with lights can spruce up any exhibit and focus the viewer’s eye on the most important part of your design or printed message!


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  1. Replacement Halogen Bulb for Quick Fabric or Tradeshow Display Lights
    Replacement halogen light bulb is 110V/150 Watts and fits a Trade Show/Quick Fabric Display Light.
  2. Replacement Bulb for Banner Stand Light - Halogen
    A 130V/35 Watt replacement light bulb fits a Banner Stand Light, made for retractable banner stands.
  3. Halogen Lights for Quick Fabric or Tradeshow Display
    110V/150 Watt halogen light with a black aluminum frame simply mounts onto the horizontal top bar of a trade show booth or quick fabric display.
  4. LED Display Light
  5. Banner Stand Light - Halogen
    A silver banner stand light, with an electrical plug, connects to the top bar of our Wide and Narrow Base Retractable Banner Stands.
  6. Banner Stand Light - LED
  7. Top Rail Mount LED Light
  8. NEW! LED Light for Trade Show or Quick Fabric Displays

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