NEW! Glow Retractable Banner Stand

NEW! The Glow Retractable Banner Stand is a unique and innovative banner display that glowingly highlights your custom printed graphics in an impressive and user-friendly way. This unique banner stand illuminates your custom printed graphics on a 33.5”W x 83”H or 33.5”W or 95”H banner on stay-flat vinyl, satin or dye sub fabric at the top and bottom of your banner with integrated LED banner lights. 

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  1. Glow 33.5"W Retractable Banner Stand with Integrated LED Lights
  2. Glow Retractable Banner Stand - Hardware Only
  3. Glow Replacement Banner with Cartridge
  4. Replacement Banner for Glow Retractable Stand
  5. Top Rail Mount LED Light
  6. Replacement Cartridge for Glow Retractable Banner
  7. Glow Retractable Banner Stand - Storage Tote
  8. Banner Stand Display Shipping Case - Gray
    The molded plastic case makes comes in 40”H or 52”H. The 40” has interior dimensions of 14” x 14" x 38”. Its exterior dimensions are 15” x 19” x 40” and weights just 15 lbs empty. The 52” is 17 lbs when empty of with interior dimensions of 14” x 14” x 50” and 15” x 19” x 52” exterior.
A row of 16 LED lights comes pre-installed onto the aluminum base of the display and a top row of 16 LED lights installed onto the top rail of the banner and both are powered electrically. The entire display fits into a portable, soft carrying case that is included with your full unit order. Banners are installed in an easy to remove banner cassette and replacement banners, hardware and top row of LED light replacements are available. The Glow Retractable Banner Stand makes sure that your custom message and graphics aren’t passed by or left in the dark and can be displayed anywhere from your store lobby, movie theater lobby, museum, trade show booth, retail sales floor and more!

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