Scrolling Banner Stand - Electric

For a one-of-a-kind approach to showcasing your special marketing message at a conference or special event, incorporate custom printed moving signage from Post-Up Stand. The full-color looped synthetic fiber banner provides an extensive graphic area to feature your company or event information and text, as well as product imagery and logos to reinforce branding. Easily plug in your electric display and watch it scroll continuously from top to bottom to draw the viewer’s eye inwards to your high-quality large format printed graphics. To create an impressive banner design, enlist the help of one of our talented in-house graphic designers who will work with you to create an effective piece of artwork that is crafted to suite you and your company’s advertising needs!

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  1. Electric Scrolling Banner - Hardware Only
    An aluminum scrolling stand that is approximately 30”W x 76”H includes an electrical plug and hard carrying case.
  2. Electric Scrolling Banner
    30" x 152" printed synthetic fiber banner is looped together to scroll continuously on a sturdy aluminum frame once the stand is plugged into a nearby outlet and turned to the "on" position.
  3. Scrolling Banner - Poster Only

Motorized Scrolling Banner Stands

  • Banner displays roll to capture your target audience
  • Ideal solution for trade shows, retail point-of-purchase, restaurants and fast food chains
  • The perfect market medium for high-traffic venues
  • Post-Up Stand’s discount scrolling banners, retractable banners, and tradeshow displays offer a high-impact presentation in a low-cost solution
  • Only $350, including the poster!
  • Printed on synthetic fiber.


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