Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat design banners or backdrops consist of one or more logos repeated in a step and diagonal alternating pattern. This background design on a custom printed banner helps company’s affordably promote and reinforce their brand during events such as media conferences, photo opportunities at grand openings, as well as high profile or small occasions. The many uses of step and repeat backdrops make this type of customized banner perfect for your next event, no matter how big or small!

Step and repeat designed backdrops can be applied to several  of banners such as Large Adjustable Banner Displays, Retractable Backdrops, Wide Base Banner Stands, Teardrop Banners, Quick Fabric Displays, Straight or Curved Trade Show Displays, and Tension Fabric Displays.

Special events such as grand openings or hosting big guests for a charitable event are the perfect opportunity to utilize a step and repeat backdrop banner. It allows companies and brands to showcase logos and if the event has a large sponsor or your company is the sponsor, the design allows for the display of both logos together. The design creates a high visibility for any brand, logo or message, perfect for photo opportunities at events where media photographers will be or for company photos. Planning a wedding? You can ditch the high-cost photo booth and use a step and repeat backdrop featuring your names, the wedding theme and any color on the banner to give you and your guest’s unique and memorable photo opportunities. Step and repeat design banners are affordable and great for professional branding or photo backdrops for your next event!

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