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  1. Double-Sided Telescopic Banner Stand
    Two 24”W x 82”H dye sublimated fabric banners with pole pockets are showcased on a telescoping black stand with top and bottom shelves to secure banners when displayed.
  2. Double-Sided Telescopic Banner Stand - Banner Only
    A custom full-color printed 24”x82” fabric banner with two small pole pockets at the top and bottom to fit a Telescopic Double Sided Banner Stand.
  3. Double-Sided Telescopic Banner Stand - Hardware Only
    A black aluminum banner stand with a telescopic vertical support bar and top and bottom ledges can fit two 24”W x 82”H fabric banners.
  4. Silver Pro Double-Sided Telescopic Display
    A telescopic silver aluminum stand features two full-color 23.75”W x 80”H banners, which are available in stay-flat vinyl or dye sublimated fabric.
  5. Silver Pro Telescopic Display - Replacement Banner Only (1)
    A full-color 23.75”W x 84”H banner, available in stay-flat vinyl or dye sublimated fabric, fits a Silver Pro Telescopic Display (not included). Quantity of 2 is needed for double-sided display.
  6. Silver Pro Double-Sided Telescopic Display - Hardware Only
    A silver telescopic stand which measures 98”H when fully assembled can display two 23.75”W x 84”H banners, which are not included.

A high-traffic event or display area with little floor space demands a special marketing display. Post-Up Stand’s Double-Sided Telescopic Banner Stand maximizes your graphic visibility with two custom printed banners while the compact black stand takes up minimal floor space. Perfect for a congested trade show booth, point-of-sale display or a community function, this double-sided banner stand will effectively promote your company or organization without the hassle of a bulky stand or complicated set-up.

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