Cafe Barriers

Café Barriers are perfect for every occasion and season. Hosting a special event? Create special sections or manage crowd control while promoting the event, your business and brand with a custom printed dye sub fabric banner that features full color, double-sided printed graphics over both the Café Barrier and the Large Café Barrier. Use these café barrier posts to create an inclusive outdoor patio for your customers at your café, restaurant or venue. Crowd control barriers with your custom printed graphics on the banner can help you promote your business, brand or sale indoors while keeping lines in order during big sales and events any time of the year. Order Café Barriers to keep organization at events and big sales indoors or outdoors while having the opportunity to promote your business and brand!

You spend a lot of time planning big events and sales. Hopefully they’re successful and busy! But what about crowd control? Busy sales and events potentially mean long lines! Keep lines in order or section off special areas of your event with Café Barriers. These crowd control barricades feature a custom printed dye sub fabric banner that slips over the black aluminum frame and attach to the bottom bar of the barrier thanks to the stitched on Velcro®. You can promote your business and brand indoors or outdoors with these barrier posts while organizing lines in your stores or at special events. Special outdoor patios at restaurants and even venues are a great place for guests and you can attract more attention to them by using the Café Barrier or Large Café Barrier to create an inclusive look and branding opportunities and with their custom printed dye sub banners! 

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