NEW! Chalkboard Displays

Post Up Stand’s Chalkboard Displays are versatile, easy to use indoor and outdoor sign displays. These large chalkboard signs are double-sided and measure 26”W x 47”H on each side. The board is made of a durable plastic material that is UV, water and scratch resistant. Each chalkboard display is framed on each side and comes with rubber caps, hinges, screws and washers to give you the ability to use it in all of it’s variations.

Post Up Stand’s large Chalkboard Displays can be used in applications of a Single Standing Chalkboard Display, an outdoor/indoor A-Frame Chalkboard that requires two Chalkboard Displays hinged together, a Wall Mount Chalkboard Display, and a multi-Hinged Chalkboard Display. Metal Feet are available to use these Chalkboard Displays as standalone displays.

*A drill and 1/16 drill bit is needed to install hinges on Chalkboard Displays and are not included with order

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