Straight Booth Displays

Looking for a way to boldly display your message that can't be missed? Straight trade show displays from Post-Up Stand offer you 82.625" x 87.5" to showcase your message. If that doesn't get your product or message the attention it deserves, nothing will! Each Post-Up Stand trade show display stand includes one frame, three printed banners (28.875" x 87.5"), two halogen lights and a hard shipping case. We also offer a variety of other trade show supplies to ensure you look professional and put-together at your next trade show or event.

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  1. Printed End Caps complete your 4-Panel Trade Show Display.
    (4) printed panel backdrop display measuring approximately 139"W x 87.5"H with (2) printed end caps, (2) halogen lights, a collapsible frame and a hard shipping container is perfect for trade show or corporate function.
  2. Magnetic panels easily attach to expandable aluminum frame.
    Display measuring approximately 139.5"W x 87.5"H features (4) printed panels, (2) black end caps, extendable frame, (2) halogen lights and a hard shipping container with wheels that doubles as a podium counter.
  3. 4 Panel Trade Show Display - Straight
    115.5W" x 87.5"H trade show display with (4) printed panels, (2) halogen lights, collapsible frame and a hard shipping container for convenient storage and transportation.
  4. Printed End Caps attach to cover the entire frame of your 3-Panel Straight Trade Show Display.
    Backdrop sized approximately 104"Wx87.5"H includes (3) printed panels, (2) printed end caps, aluminum extendable hardware, (2) halogen lights and a hard shipping container with wheels.
  5. Trade Show Display - 3 Panel Straight with End Caps
    Trade show display that measures approximately 104"W x 87.5"H  (end caps add about a foot on both sides of the 86.625"W)
  6. 3-Panel Straight Trade Show Displays are the perfect booth backdrop or set up for any event or trade show.
    86.625"W x 87.5"H trade show and event display with an extendable aluminum frame and (3) full color printed poster panels that connect to hardware with magnets, complete with a hard shipping container and (2) halogen lights.

Trade Show Display Booth Set-up Instructions:

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