Trade Show Flooring

Need a portable and professional flooring piece for your trade show event space without spending a fortune? Most trade shows are held at venues with hard cement floors. Some of those venues will rent you flooring or carpeting, but it can come at a pretty expensive price. If you’re looking for a way to add a professional finish to your booth with that features additional advertising or a comfortable and stylish area for you and your visitors to stand on, check out any of Post-Up Stand’s portable trade show flooring options. 

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  1. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Burgundy
  2. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Light Grey
  3. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Dark Grey
  4. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Smoke
  5. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Charcoal
  6. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Light Brown
  7. Trade Show Carpet Tiles - Brown
    Foam rubber flooring bonded to a carpet piece offers an affordable means of covering your trade show space.

Our Trade Show Carpet is made of a foam rubber material that takes the sting out of walking on concrete for hours. It’s cost effective and made of recycled materials, so it’s environmentally friendly. Premium SoftCarpets™ interlock easily and offer shock absorbent comfort in 14 solid colors and sizes. SoftWoods™ carpeting also gives you lightweight, shock absorbent comfort in nine different colors and sizes with a wood-grain finish with interlocking tiles. Custom Printed Floor Mats are that unique finishing touch that features your name, slogan or logo, perfect for trade show booth flooring or your office floor. Contract Post-Up Stand today to find that perfect piece of trade show and advertising flooring!

Having your own portable trade show flooring to take with you to every show can transform your booth in a way unique from any other banner display. It’s much easier to exhibit for hours on comfortable flooring and your visitors will appreciate it too. There are many different options to fit every show, booth and budget. Custom Printed Floor Mats feature full color graphics and completely customizable printing on the vinyl material by using a UV printing process to give you a unique flooring option that’s durable and a conversation piece. While it’s a great finish to a trade show booth, they also fit offices, convention centers, sports arenas and showrooms perfectly and make them unique. Looking for something with a little more padding? Trade Show Carpet and Floor Tiles interlock together easily for quick set up to give your booth a cozier feel and easier walking or standing when you present or invite guests through your exhibit. SoftCarpets™ and SoftWoods™ come in a number of different colors and sizes to match your company’s colors or the look of your exhibit, whether you’re looking for solid colors or a wood-grain flooring option. Trade show flooring is quickly becoming a must have accessory for every event.

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