Trade Show Folding Tables

The most important things you need in a trade show display table in your trade show booth, conference or exhibition space are portability, versatility and durability. Post-Up Stand’s selection of Trade Show Tables includes a 4’ Adjustable Height Folding Table, 6’ Adjustable Height Folding Table and a Folding Cocktail Table that feature durable, molded plastic table tops, sturdy, folding aluminum legs with a collapsing design. These portable trade show tables are light in weight, making them convenient enough to carry yourself and setup at any trade show, conference or marketing event. 

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  1. The Trade Show Folding Cocktail Table is a portable trade show table that weights just 21lbs.
  2. The 6' Adjustable Height Folding Table sits as low as 26" in height to 32" in height.
  3. The 4' Adjustable Height Folding Table stands as tall as 32" in height.

The 4’W and 6’W Adjustable Height Folding Tables feature handles for carrying and easily can be converted to different heights so that you can adjust them based on your needs at your trade show or event. Utilize Post-Up Stand’s portable and versatile adjustable height folding tables or round cocktail folding table for your next trade show exhibition, conference, cocktail event, fundraiser or banquet! 

Features and Benefits:

  • Portable trade show tables that include a handle
  • Table tops made of durable, molded plastic and feature aluminum legs
  • 4’W trade show folding table adjusts from 23”H to 32”H
  • 6’W trade show folding table adjusts from 26”H to 32”H
  • Folding trade show cocktail table is 31.5” around and 43.25”H
  • Portable tables with folding legs that can be used at any event
  • Perfect for trade shows, conference, banquets, fundraisers and any events
  • Display the 4’W and 6’W trade show tables with our custom printed Table Throws

Footer: Post-Up Stand’s folding Adjustable Height and Round Cocktail Tables are the perfect, durable tables that you can use at multiple trade shows, conferences and other events many times. The Adjustable Height Folding Tables give you added versatility because you can raise and lower their heights based on what you are using the table for the, the space you are entertaining from and the people you are entertaining using the tables. The 4’W Adjustable Height Folding Table can be set as low as 23”H and as high as 32”H. It weights a portable 21lbs, has legs that fold in and includes a strap handle for easy transporting. The 6’W trade show table that is adjustable in height can go from 26”H to 32”H, weighs 40lbs and also includes a strap handle.  The Folding Cocktail Table sits 43.25”H permanently, weights just 21lbs The legs for this round event table fold up conveniently and can be setup as a perfect main table or side table to entertain guests at a trade show or with drinks afterwards at a cocktail event, a fundraiser or a banquet. The durable molded plastic table top is 31.5” in circumference, so there is plenty of room to entertain guests at any event you use this portable round folding table at. Post-Up Stand sells perfect event table advertising tools like a Table Throw and Custom Printed Table Runner Combo for your 4’ Adjustable Height Folding Table and 6’Adjustable Height Folding Table as well as custom printed Table Top Banners and displays perfect for your Folding Cocktail Table!

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