Poster Hangers

For a cost-effective and space-saving advertising display, hang your printed banner high above your exhibit space or in-store promotional area with Post-Up Stand’s poster hangers! Poster Hangers are available in durable and impressive stay-flat vinyl material.  These hanging posters are perfect for any storefront or business office and can be set up in a matter of seconds!


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  1. Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups
    A clear PVC snap-shut bottom and top hanger can display your 22”W or 36”W banner on a window or glass surface with two or three top bar suction cups.
  2. Mercury Banner Hanging Kit - Hardware Only
    Two clear hangers, available in 22”L, 36”L and 48”L sizes, feature a tight and secure grip and can display your printed banner (not included) from a ceiling.
  3. Mercury Banner Hanging Kit - Replacement Banner Only
    A full-color printed 22”W, 36”W or 48”W stay-flat vinyl banner is compatible with the Mercury Banner Kit hardware, which is not included.
  4. Mercury Banner Hanging Kit
    A 22”L, 36”L or 48”L top and bottom bar with a secure grip hangs your full-color printed stay-flat banner.
  5. Elite Aluminum Poster Hanger - Hardware Only
    Two aluminum rails, 22”L, 36”L or 48”L, with a clamp-shut design and rubber grips can showcase your hanging banner, which is not included.
  6. Elite Aluminum Poster Hanger - Replacement Poster Only
    A custom full-color printed 22”W, 36”W or 48”W banner on stay-flat vinyl fits the Elite Aluminum Poster Rail, which is not included.
  7. Elite Aluminum Poster Rail Kit
    Top and bottom aluminum rail hangers are available in lengths of 22”, 36” and 48” and feature a clamp-shut system with rubber strips to display your printed stay-flat vinyl banner.
  8. Mercury Banner Hanger - Replacement Poster Only
    A full-color printed stay-flat vinyl banner, available in 22”W and 36”W, is compatible with a Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups, which is not included.

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