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A place of worship or a religious organization grows within a community and offers programs and services to better serve the individuals in the surrounding area and beyond. How do you advertise your pancake breakfast, worship service or community fundraiser to the general public? How do you grow your church to include more faithful parishioners? How do you drum up interest about your organization while staying within your humble financial means?


Order a Vinyl Banner from Post-Up Stand

From $12 (2' x 2') to $192 (8' x 8')

Celebrate your religious holiday or get the word out in the community about your canned food drive with the help of effective and affordable vinyl banners. Include religious symbols, inspirational quotes, event details or worship service times on your banner and your message can be viewed by a large and diverse audience in your congregation.

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Post-Up Stand offers cheap vinyl banners that will not cost your organization a fortune but will effectively generate buzz about the services your religious center offers. You can include your event details or times of your worship services on a custom printed banner and display inside or outside your church or temple.

A complimentary double-stitched hem ensures your banner will not fray due to gusts of wind. Waterproof solvent inks utilized in a large format digital printing process prohibit your custom print from running or fading when exposed to rain or sunlight.

Utilize your cheap church banner for any of the following uses:

  • Welcome your congregation to weekly worship services
  • Announce a fundraiser for your organization or community
  • List worship service details including days and times
  • Depict religious scenes to decorate the inside of your church
  • Celebrate religious holidays like Lent, Christmas, Passover or Hanukkah
  • Announce new pastor/minister/priest that will be leading your congregation
  • Showcase a Scripture or Biblical passage that will inspire your parishioners
  • Celebrate your church’s anniversary for any 10, 25 or even 50 year milestone
  • Broadcast a rummage sale to benefit your community
  • Announce a clothes drive for your local Salvation Army

A decorated church with loyal followers holds a history within its welcoming doors. You do not want to compromise your facility by tearing up the floor or ruining the interior fixtures of the worship center with heavy and intrusive promotional banners.

A vinyl banner from Post-Up Stand is lightweight so it can be easily hung on a ceiling, entranceway or wall without putting stress on the building structure. Your custom banner includes grommets which make the display a breeze to set up - simply loop rope or hooks through the grommets to display.

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