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An aluminum support bar for the retractable banner stand is sectioned into three or four segments and available for a wide variety of display sizes.

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1- collapsible banner stand replacement pole.


Our replacement pole is a three or four sectioned aluminum pole that serves as the vertical spine to our retractable banner stands including our Narrow Base, Wide Base and Double-Sided display units. To use, simply connect the sections of the pole that are held together with an elastic bungee cord and align with the hole in the base of the display. Push the pole into the base to secure, pull the poster upwards from the base and connect the horizontal top bar of the poster to the vertical spine to set up your high-quality retractable banner stand in minutes!

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight, sturdy aluminum
  • Sectioned pole is compact and easy to store
  • Compatible with Post-Up Stand’s retractable banner stands
  • Replaceable
  • Features a durable inner bungee cord
  • Includes a sleek sleeve for storage

Functional and lightweight, Post-Up Stand’s replacement pole can be ordered if your original pole is accidently left behind at trade show or in order to simply have a few extra poles for your existing display to make sure that any potential obstacle at an event is planned for. The pole proves a cost-effective part for a durable banner stand that can be reused and withstand the wear and tear of traveling from event to event. Comes in a variety of sizes so be sure to choose the replacement pole size that is suitable for your Wide Base, Narrow Base or Double-Sided Retractable Banner Stand!

Additional Information

1- collapsible banner stand replacement pole.

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