Learn more about our banner stands, vinyl banners, trade show displays and other advertising solutions. From our fabric pop-up banners to our banner pens, Post-Up Stand is your one-stop shop for banner displays. Browse our full collection of videos to learn how to quickly set up a banner, how to replace your banner stand poster, or how to set up a table top display.

Welcome to Post-Up Stand

At Post-Up Stand, we have a commitment to quality printed banner stands and trade show displays, as well as providing outstanding customer service. Our 48 hour turnaround and large inventory of in-stock items help you look like a pro, wherever you show!


Trade Show Marketing with Post-Up Stand

Creating an effective trade show booth that will turn heads at an upcoming expo is easy with Post-Up Stand’s wide variety of trade show displays, banner stands and booth backdrops. Check out our video for trade show booth ideas that will help your brand get noticed!


Custom Printed Table Throw Display Options

Dress up any trade show or special event table with a printed table throw or runner from Post-Up Stand! The full-color printed table covers are sized to fit standard 6 ft. or 8 ft. tables and can feature your company name, logo and contact details. An innovative dye sublimation printing technique is used for a long-lasting, vibrant printed output!


Post-Up Stand’s Innovative Metal and Wood Printer

For large outdoor signage, real estate yard signs or promotional sidewalk signs, Post-Up Stand’s HP printer can create a variety of durable displays. The innovative printer utilizes UV light to print on metal, foam core, styrene, corrugated plastic or even wood!


Customer Open House

Post-Up Stand hosted a customer open house in August of 2014, showcasing a broad selection of pop up displays, custom backdrops, retractable banners, table covers and displays, and display accessories in a format that simulates a trade show experience.


Easy Online Ordering with Post-Up Stand

Order your custom banner or display directly online with Post-Up Stand’s easy step-by-step ordering process. Complete your order and submit your print-ready artwork at the end of the process to receive your printed signage for an upcoming trade show or event in no time!


Vinyl Banners

Effectively promote your business or event at any indoor or outdoor location with durable vinyl banners. Available in custom sizes, you can create the ideal banner that fits your display space and budget. These low-cost signs include complimentary aluminum grommets for hanging the banner with rope or hooks, a sewn hem to prevent fraying and impressive full-color graphics.


Silver Pro Double-Sided Telescopic Display

Increase the exposure for your promotional message with a Silver Pro Double-Sided Telescopic Display. The sleek aluminum stand with a sturdy base features two full-color printed banners to get your brand the attention it deserves at a busy convention or event site.


Retractable Banner Pen

Give away memorable freebies at your next expo or event with Retractable Banner Pens! The unique promotional pens feature a banner insert that pulls out from the barrel to promote your restaurant, retail store, small business, university, bank or hospital.


Double-Sided Retractable Banner Stand

Ensure your brand or organization gets ample attention at a high-traffic event with an easy-to-use and highly-effective Double-Sided Retractable Banner Stand. The portable advertising display features a solid aluminum pull up stand design and two full-color printed banners so your message will be seen by passersby coming and going at a trade show, college fair or special event.


Spring Tension Adjustment on Wide Base Stand

Easily adjust the tension on your Wide Base Banner Stand by watching this helpful how-to video.



Spring Tension Adjustment on Narrow Base Stand

Adjust the tension on your Narrow Base Banner Stand in minutes by following the steps in this how-to video.


Feather Flag Banner

Include a versatile Feather Flag Banner in your indoor or outdoor exhibit to get attention for your brand! The free-standing fabric banner features an innovative dye sublimation printing process and your choice of base options to customize your swooper flag and promote your business or event!


Double-Sided Telescopic Poster Stand

Maximize the exposure for your marketing message and brand with a Double-Sided Telescopic Poster Stand. The impressive display features a sleek black adjustable stand and two full-color dye sublimated fabric banners to demand attention for your business at any high-traffic event.


Straight Trade Show Booth Display

Complete your exhibit space with an eye-catching Straight Trade Show Booth Display! The portable booth backdrop includes three or four printed laminated panels, an expandable frame, two halogen lights and convenient shipping container. The case convert to a podium with the addition of a Podium Banner Wrap. Optional end caps can be added to the display for a finished, professional look.


Curved Trade Show Booth Display

For a portable display backdrop for any special event, invest in a Curved Trade Show Booth Display with three or four printed panels. The expandable aluminum frame features full-color laminated panels, a shipping case that doubles as a podium and two display lights to create a cohesive background banner at a trade show, college fair or fundraiser.


Brochure Holder

Display your brochures, informational flyers and company literature easily with Post-Up Stand’s Brochure Holder. The collapsible literature holder features a sleek Plexiglass shelving system on both sides of the stand to organize your promotional materials and make it easy for visitors to your booth to access them!


Mercury Banner Hanging Kit

Promote within your retail store or business without taking up valuable floor space with the Mercury Banner Hanging Kit. The full-color printed poster can attach directly to any drop-tile ceiling to showcase your message easily.


Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups

Promote your marketing message directly on your storefront window with Post-Up Stand’s Mercury Banner Hanger with Suction Cups! The affordable banner kit, which is available in a variety of poster sizes, includes a vibrant full-color printed banner and poster holder with suction cups to easily attach to any glass surface within your retail store or special event venue.


Elite Aluminum Poster Rail Kit

Effortlessly showcase your marketing message high above the heads of your audience with an eye-catching Elite Aluminum Poster Rail Kit, which attaches directly to any drop-tile ceiling! The economical banner kit includes a full-color banner, poster holders and ceiling accessories, making it ideal for retail stores or special event venues with limited floor space!


Aluminum Banner Rod Set

Suspend your marketing message directly from any drop-tile ceiling within your retail store or business with Post-Up Stand’s Aluminum Banner Rod Set. The banner, complete with pole pockets, is available in a variety of sizes and with a single or double-sided print to suit your display area. Sturdy aluminum rods and connector hooks and loops adhere your banner directly to the ceiling!


Retractable Table Top Display Tension Adjustment

Quickly and easily adjust the tension in your 8.25” x 17” or 11.75” x 21” Retractable Table Top Display by following the directions in this helpful tutorial video.


Elegance Fabric Display

Turn heads in any room by investing in an Elegance Fabric Display from Post-Up Stand to market your message. A sleek curved frame, stabilized by a sturdy aluminum base, features a stretch fabric banner that can include a single or double-sided print.


Smart Case Podium Wrap

Include a customized promotional counter within your trade show booth with a Smart Case Podium Wrap from Post-Up Stand. The fabric wrap features a full-color print and easily attaches to the Smart Case Shipping Container to transform your display accessory into an effective marketing tool!


Quick Fabric/ Trade Show Display Light

Instantly spotlight the printed message on your trade show booth or pop up fabric display with the Quick Fabric/Trade Show Display Light. The display accessory easily mounts to the top bar of your banner stand to shine a light on your custom graphics.


Banner Stand Light

Draw attention to your printed marketing message by adding an affordable Banner Stand Light from Post-Up Stand to your retractable banner stand. The low-cost accessory ensures that your custom banner will be noticed by your target audience at any venue.


LED Display Light

Include a versatile LED Display Light, complete with an adjustable mount, on your trade show display or banner stand to showcase your custom graphics at any high-traffic venue. The clamp on the light fixture enables you to attach the accessory to a variety of styles and sizes of advertising displays..


Narrow Base Table Top Display

Promoting your marketing message on a countertop at a special event or in a point-of-sale area doesn’t have to cost you a fortune with Post-Up Stand’s low-cost and easy-to-use Narrow Base Table Top Display, complete with a retractable frame and full-color graphics!


Wide Base Table Top Display

Invest in a portable and easy-to-use Wide Base Table Top Display from Post-Up Stand to instantly promote your business, store or university on any countertop by pulling the banner upwards from the retractable base!


Table Top Scrolling Banner Stand

Transform any countertop space with Post-Up Stand’s Table Top Scrolling Banner Stand, complete with an eye-catching motorized frame that lasts for up to 72 hours when the battery is fully charged!


Podium Banner Wrap

Add a Podium Banner Wrap to your Trade Show Shipping Container to instantly transform your case into a portable promotional counter within your trade show booth or special event space.


Battery Operated Scrolling Banner Stand

Create movement within a stale display space with a Battery Operated Scrolling Banner Stand, which lasts for up to 72 hours when the battery is fully charged!


Electric Scrolling Banner Stand

Demand attention for your marketing message with an eye-catching Electric Scrolling Banner Stand with a full-color looped banner and mechanized stand.


X-Frame Table Top Display

Include an effective, compact and low-cost X-Frame Table Top Display in any point-of-purchase or special event area without exceeding your budget!


Medium X-Frame Banner Display

Easily showcase your marketing message at a special event or trade show without exceeding your budget with a low-cost and highly effective Medium X-Frame Banner Display.


Quick Fabric Banner Display

An intense dye sublimated fabric banner and user-friendly collapsible aluminum stand make Post-Up Stand’s Quick Fabric Banner Display a must-have for any exhibitor.


Wide Base Banner Stand

To market your small business, university or organization at any venue, check out Post-Up Stand’s popular Wide Base Banner Stand which features a sturdy aluminum base and convenient retractable design.


Narrow Base Banner Stand

For an impressive and easy-to-use advertising display on a tight budget, invest in a Narrow Base Banner Stand with a retractable frame design and lightweight aluminum base.


Banner Stand Poster Replacement Instructions

Investing in a retractable banner stand with replaceable graphics is a financially smart marketing decision. View the easy-to-follow instructional video below to see just how simple the process of replacing your banner on your retractable banner stand proves to be.


Custom Printed Canopy Tents

Perfect for a craft show, business convention, college fair or farmers market, a custom printed canopy tent from Post-Up Stand can feature your company graphics and message using a full-color dye sublimation fabric printing process.


Tension Fabric Displays

Post Up Stand’s Tension Fabric Displays are streamlined, free standing advertising exhibits that are easy to set up and can provide a professional backdrop to your trade show booth space, business presentation, or college fair table.


X-Frame Banner Stands

Are you looking for the most cost-effective way to display your banners? Post-Up Stand presents the X banner stand, with a lightweight yet durable sleek design that can be assembled in minutes.


Curved Table Top Display

Looking for the perfect table top booth display for your next trade show or networking event? We offer the affordable table top booth displays you need to showcase your brand, your products and your messaging.


Modular Display

A frame consisting of interworking cross bars in a durable heavy duty impact resistant plastic complete with a dye sublimated banner provides a bold, sharp look to our new Modular Display stands.


Dye Sublimation Printing

Our state-of-the-art dye sublimation printers produce the most vibrant colors and crisp graphics on high quality fabric that will showcase your company or personal message at any trade show or business event.


Trade Show Displays - Set-up Instructions

Looking for a mobile presentation solution that is just as easy to set up as it is to transport? Watch how simple it is to set up a Post-Up Stand trade show display in just minutes.


Table Top Displays

Interested in a creative mobile presentation solution? Learn more about Post-Up Stand’s innovative table top displays.


Large Adjustable Display

Showcase your message anytime, anywhere! Our innovative roll up banners and large adjustable displays are perfect for restaurants, lobbies and point-of-sale displays.


Teardrop Banners

Showcase your message anytime, anywhere with teardrop banners! Our eye-catching, low-cost teardrop banners are perfect for restaurants, retail stores and hotel lobbies.


Ever wonder where all of our retractable banner stands are made? Take a behind-the-scenes look at our facilities and the production of our quality retractable banner stands.


Interested in our Low-Cost Trade Show Displays?

Post-Up Stand trade show displays can deliver your message with a high-tech design, and are so easy to use they can be set up in less than one minute. Our low-cost large format printing services are able to accommodate your every need, and produce high-quality and professional trade show banners.

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