Have a chance to check out a banner stand from Post-Up Stand before you purchase one! With our free samples, you can have a display show up at your door and review it to make sure it is the right purchase for you or your company. A refundable deposit is needed to order the sample stand and a return shipping label is included so you don’t have to worry about the freight charge to send the stand back to our facility in Cleveland, OH. Each banner stand includes a standard full-color printed graphic sample to showcase our impressive large format digital printing services.

Each sample stand includes a speedy turnaround time of 48 business hours for our customers’ convenience. Once your stand is returned, you will be issued a refund for your deposit. Ensure that your stand will fit your display needs and exhibit space with a sample banner stand from Post-Up Stand! Check out our wide selection of retractable banner stands and table top displays to complete your professional or personal showcase as well.

Note: We are sending our standard samples, please ignore step 4 and do not try to upload artwork.


Wide Base Banner Stands


Order your sample Wide Base Banner Stand
$200.00 refundable charge

(Poster, Stand and Carrying Bag)



 Narrow Base Banner Stands


Order your sample Narrow Base Banner Stand
$100.00 refundable charge

(Poster, Stand and Carrying Bag)



 Quick Fabric Table Top Display 31.5"x31"


Order your sample Quick Fabric Table Top Banner
31.5" x 31" 
$200.00 refundable charge



 Table Top Display


Order your sample Table Top Display
8.25" x 17" and 11.75" x 21" 
$50.00 refundable charge


24" x 40" - $100 refundable charge



 Scrolling Banner



Order your sample Scrolling Banner Display
$200.00 refundable charge


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